Our History

A few years ago I, Stefan Zaugg, contracted the gasoline virus. The symptoms, for those who dont know,are the addiction to  everything related to cars and tunning in every possible way. Now, its pretty clear that this virus  won’t let me go! 

WestSchweizCustoms and what it is today is the result of many factors, but i would like to share with you the main reason that impulsed me to start making this business idea into reality in the first place.

Nowadays the mechanic is no longer the person who talks directly to the customer, and many garages , always focus more on productivity and profit than on quality and relationships.

I could see with my own eyes how the essense and the advantages of being a mechanic and deliver a good service was getting lost in many cases, and this made me think what i could do to change that fact and what i could do to make a difference. “Work on the assembly line? No thanks!

Today, I can say very loud, that founding WestSchweizCustoms was the best decision I have ever made.

My motto: Take the time you need  to do the job right and be the one who stands behind every costumer’s wishes.

The company has officially been founded in 2013, although I only ran it as a hobby at the beginning. Since May 2015 it has been not only my full-time job, but my way to reach others through my passion. I got to know many people who have also  succumbed to this virus, and is thanks to all them that WestSchweizCustoms stands and it is what it is today.

Here the customer is usually also a friend.

They trust me, they support me, they recomend me and they share great moments with me in meetings and events.

I could not wish for anything better.

Autofit am gebaude

Our Team

Stefan Zaugg

Owner / Mechanic Chef Pouseclown​

The big BOSS. As everyone knows WestSchweizCustoms wouldnt be what it is today if it was not because of his ambition, his never give up spirit, and his passion for what he does. (he likes to call it “car fever”.)

Whoever has had the opportunity to spend time with him would know also that he can be a 24/7 clown, that he can build up from scratch absolutely every single existing thing in this planet, and that there is nothing that he doesnt know about cars or car parts!

But! What some people might doesnt know, is that he is able to split up more than 1 million of words per second … If you ever though that one of your relatives is the person that talks the most in the world, come to our garage … We will prove you wrong!


​​​Pommes pour la Roche

Man behind the scenese
InformatikGuru / Mr.Bäääääm

Not many put him face, the man always in the backstage, the man able to fix any problem when anyone else can. The one who understands computer’s behavior better than his own! This is him!

He is without a doubt one of the most essential pieces in this puzzle.

Tamy Delmay

Model / Werbebotschafterin

Once Upon a Time there was this very normal girl who did something as normal as to woke up one day and decided to drive for 108 km, (like if there were no garages in Zurich) looking for a nice mechanic who could help her with a noise on her car.

Her noice was obviously fixed and a completely new world opened in front of her eyes … Maybe car fever? Who knows!

Know is proudly representing the brand and all the products


Car buddies for every escalation

The guy who makes the impossible possible! Long conversations about cars while doing the Militar Service with Stefan made them come up with a lot of projects in their mind.

Projects that after they made come true.

He is the man with super powers that always help us out to achieve what at first sight looked impposible. 

We are so gratefull to have him in our team.


Car buddies for every escalation / Mechanic

The apprentice that is no longer an apprentice.

The paths of Stefan and him crossed when by coincide they started working in the same company. Stefan was already a mechanic. He was needing a teacher. In a world full of french speakers, they were the only ones speaking German, and that little fact was what put them working together.

They shared drives, long conversations, and long hours of work. I think Stefan clearly passed him his famous and so contageous car fever.

Now he knows everything he needs to know about cars, and his passion and commitment makes of him a perfect addition to our Team.



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